Updates & New Features


Thanks to the support of Bosch USA, in 2019, CNT updated AllTransit with publicly available GTFS data for U.S. transit agencies, adding 55 new agencies. Now totaling 902 transit agencies, the data set includes updated demographic data from the latest American Community Survey (ACS) Five-Year Estimates (2012-2017, released in December 2018) and jobs data from the latest Longitudinal Employment-Household Dynamics (LEHD) Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) (2015, released in September 2017). CNT has also updated all car share, bike share, farmer’s markets and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties to the most recently posted data.


Since its first release in 2016, AllTransit has been developed to offer insight into the value transit provides to locations and their communities across the United States. During its inaugural year Planetizen recognized AllTransit as one of 2016’s best websites on a list of innovative online tools pertaining to planning, land use, and urban design.

Gap Finder

A new tool that identifies areas where there is a strong demand for transit but the transit service is not as good as it could be. » view

Fact Sheet

A graphic summary of a curated set of metrics depicting the transit situation in any geography. You can now find the distribution of access to high frequency transit broken down by race, income and educational attainment. » view

New Data

Updated transit data to include additional transit agencies and system updates, and updated demographic data to include 2015 American Community Survey.


Geographies can now be ranked on six other metrics in addition to the AllTransit Performance Score.

Comparison Feature

You can now compare two locations side-by-side. This can help highlight the level of transit inequity between different regions.

User Interface Updates

We've given the original AllTransit metrics tool a major design overhaul by simplifying the user interface and making it easier to digest transit metrics through enhanced data visualization.

Data Download

Download the AllTransit Performance Score for all cities in the U.S.

If you use AllTransit and have feedback or a suggestion for improvement please contact Linda Young (linda@cnt.org).